Why would anyone want handmade furniture?

The real problem that exists is that there is a lack of appreciation for the time, processes and passion involved.

Ultimately, when purchasing or commissioning a piece of furniture or an object from a Designer/Craftsman, you are investing in beauty. These are made of the highest quality. No compromise has been made or shortcut been taken. Each step is considered carefully, from the design, to the construction and finish, even down to timber selection and grain orientation. There is something genuinely unique and special in handcrafted objects.

It is these pieces that set our environment apart from the mundane. It speaks volumes for one who desires these items, who wants what no one else has. It is a certain person who will go to the trouble of commissioning a piece. They seek a level of satisfaction that cannot be met in the ordinary; whether it be comfort, ergonomics, function or aesthetics. Combining these parameters harmoniously into an object of beauty can often push the Craftsman where he would not naturally go and present a challenge that can result in an outcome beyond what either Craftsman or client initially imagined.

The difference between mass produced items and handcrafted ones often comes down to tiny details, which, when listed may seem insignificant, but when applied, make all the difference. There are some details that only the experience and skilful hand of a Craftsman can produce. These pieces are not the result of a soulless process performed routinely. Each piece is infused with the passion and inspiration of the maker. That is why each handcrafted piece has a sense of ‘presence’ that many others lack. That is why it demands your attention.