Tim approaches the design and making of furniture from an inbuilt passion and love of the craft. Some of this is hereditary as on one side of the family was a coach builder and on the other side, the family owned and ran a timber mill in Heron Creek. It was this love of the craft which drove him to study design. It seemed like a natural step to take because one who loves the process does not want to waste time and skills on making ugly objects.

He finds that his designs tend to have a natural flow about them, with soft curves and clean uncluttered forms; nothing ornate or extravagantly decorated. Predominantly one timber is used with a complementary timber for small details. This was never an intention initially, but he felt that when looking at his designs, they ‘asked’ to be of a single colour. This helps to show the beautiful grain patterns of some of the world’s timbers and lets the timber speak for itself rather than wild contrasts in colour detracting from an otherwise simple and beautiful piece.

When designing a piece or a range of furniture, it is driven by a desire for beauty. Being that each piece designed is then also made by Tim he can leave room for small changes as he goes, often those delicate little details which are so hard to express in a drawing can be resolved in the making process. Alternatively, as a piece comes together, details that were drawn in can be taken out as it can become clear they are too much or completely unnecessary.

At the end of the day, Tim is doing what he loves. This is reflected in each and every facet of his work.